Alberta Adventure Girls

February 05 2018

Alberta Adventure Girls

Alberta Adventure Girls

If you're looking for what it means to be Albertan, the two chicas behind Alberta Adventure Girls are it. Their Instagram feed is a gorgeous collection of the Rockies and outdoor adventures and it gives us major FOMO. Erin and Amanda joined forces in 2015 to create a platform for women who want to adventure and connect with like-minded people. 

Fitness doesn't always have to happen in a gym, exploring the outdoors and hiking up mountains will give you a seriously good sweat. Plus, getting a little fresh air is good for your soul. For our feature this month we sat down with the adventure duo to find out more about what they do and why they love doing it.


How did the Alberta Adventure Girls begin? How did it evolve into what it is? What does it mean to you now?

Alberta Adventure Girls began back in 2015 when we had planned an all-girls camping trip to Waterton. We added our friends to the event, and they added their friends and so on and so forth until about 30 girls were coming to the event. Safe to say, the camping trip never happened but one of the girls asked if anyone had a group where hikes and other outdoor activities could be planned, and thus AAG was born.

What made you fall in love with adventuring and exploring?

Erin: I used to hike as a child with my father but reconnected with the outdoors in 2013 as an activity for my boyfriend and I to do together. He was more into extreme outdoor sports so hiking was a happy middle ground for us. I love spending time outside, seeing new things. As soon as I see the mountains or get on a trail I feel instantly calm.

Amanda: I have always had a love for the outdoors. I have memories climbing trees, waking up early and jumping in freezing cold lakes, camping, skiing, and visiting natural hot springs as a child. The outdoors is my happy place and living in Alberta there is so much to explore! 

Where is your favourite area to explore? Favourite hike?

Erin: I really love Wapta Falls in Yoho National park. It’s a bit of a drive but totally worth it. There are so many different things to see around there, and Wapta Falls itself is so powerful.

Amanda: I’m not sure if I can pick just one. I love heading out to Bow Valley Provincial Park and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. There are so many great trails for all levels and the vast landscape is stunning. One of my favourite trails in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park would be Chester Lake. It’s a great year-round trail but I recommend going in Autumn to enjoy the golden larch trees. 

How can other women be a part of this amazing community? What can they expect?

We have a private Facebook group where we plan all our events and have tons of discussions about tips, trail conditions, and other outdoor activities with like-minded women. Just search Alberta Adventure Girls on Facebook and request to join! You can also use #AlbertaAdventureGirls on Instagram to share your hiking adventures with us.

What is your best advice for any beginner hikers/adventurers?

Be prepared! Do your research on the trail and make sure its something you can do. Its always okay to turn back if need be - it’s not a competition. Brings lots of water, snacks, and enough layers as the weather in the mountains is very unpredictable. We personally think its best to hike in groups of two or more and always let someone know where you’ll be and when you expect to be back.

Where & when can we check out your next events?

Our events are always posted on our Facebook page, where we host monthly events. Our next one is a snowshoe in West Bragg Creek on February 3rd. Keep your eyes peeled for March's event!

Photos by Kolby @ Simply Modern Marketing

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