Dr. Colby Leong | Dynamic YYC

November 13 2018

Colby Leong.  Dynamic YYC. Sweat Society. Fitness Calgary Chiropractor

Colby Leong. Dynamic YYC. Sweat Society. Fitness Calgary Chiropractor

Meet Colby Leong, Chiropractor and founder of DynamicYYC - [MOVEMENT LAB], and one of the smartest guys we know. Educating people about movement is one of Colby's passion, along with helping them reach their health goals. We sat down to talk to Dr. Colby Leong about why he started DynamicYYC, what is next for his team, and his love of Olympic Weightlifting. Check out the rest of the blog to see why Colby Leong is this month's "Sweat-spiration"... and be sure to pick up one of our Colby Crewnecks (for men, and women) ;) 

Colby Leong. Dynamic YYC. Chiropractor. Men's Sweat Society

Top: Colby Crewneck // Bottom: Agility Pant - Steel

How and why did you become a Chiropractor?

I was a Strength and Conditioning Coach for around 5 years and during that time I dealt with all levels of people from weekend warriors, to student athletes, to professional athletes in the CFL, NHL, and UFC. I discovered my real passion in strength and conditioning came from the science behind it’s recovery uses. My mentor at the time directed me into the path of chiropractic and the possibilities seemed to be so vast. At this point, I felt that I could cultivate a real path in rehab and biomechanics rather than just having that be a select part of my work.

Colby Leong. Dynamic YYC. Chiropractor. Men's Sweat Society Activewear

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What drew you towards helping people in their rehab and recovery?

I wanted to help enable people to continue to reach their physical and health goals. As a patient I would want someone that would help me to continue doing the things I love to do—and that’s the practitioner I aspire to be. Whether you want to keep squatting +500lbs, running for hours, or just feel generally healthier, a doctor should help you navigate how to get back to that. The things that get you up in the morning are important to keep going. The body is adaptable, resilient, and made to be used. I want to show people the that they can do what they want to do for as long as they would like to do it. I’m just here to help mitigate some of the risks that are involved.

Tell us a little about DynamicYYC - [MOVEMENT LAB]. As the founder of the company, what is your mission?

My mission is to enable people to keep doing the things they want to do. Dynamic’s mission is an expanded version of that. We want to implement change and revolutionize the way people see their chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, etc. Often patients and clinicians only become concerned with health when pain is present instead of trying to prevent the issue. Many think only traumatic occurrences are cause for treatment but lifestyle can lead to orthopedic discomfort as well. We want to help move the general public’s mindset from reactive to preventative. At Dynamic YYC [Movement lab] our rehabilitation process if firmly rooted in prevention to keep further issues from arising. Education in proactive measures is one of the main things we want to impart on our clients.

Colby Leong. Dynamic YYC. Chiropractor. Men's Sweat Society ActivewearTop: Colby Crewneck

What has been the most rewarding part of being a chiropractor? Most challenging?

Nothing makes me happier as a chiropractor than helping people who have been dealing with injuries or movement issues for a prolonged period of time. Seeing someone who has had to live with discomfort or limitations fixed in a way they didn’t think possible revitalizes my passion for what I do. It gives me affirmation that I’m on the right path. In the same sense, challenging cases are draining on me. I’m really attached and invested to the progress of my patients and seeing them struggle takes a toll on me also. It’s important not to take that on too much though. A positive mindset is important for recovery so I need to maintain a positive energy for myself and my patients.

What is your biggest piece of advice for athlete's in regard to preventing injury?

Pain is one of the last indicator that you have an “issue”. Perpetual tightness or glaringly bad form is not normal and is an injury waiting to happen. Humans are resilient but not unbreakable. People that have nagging injuries have to understand that there are always options beyond working through the pain or discomfort.

Colby Leong. Dynamic YYC. Chiropractor. Men's Sweat Society ActivewearTop: Men's Canada Tee // Bottom: Arlo Short - Black

How did you first get into Olympic Weightlifting?

I’ve always been into training. I started with bodybuilding then quickly transitioned into powerlifting and strongman as I became a strength and conditioning coach. Weightlifting just fell into my lap as I started working with Frontier Performance. The level of technique, control, body awareness, and mental capacity was unlike any other sport that I had been a part of. Besides, who wouldn’t want to lift heavy stuff over their head and put it back down?

All your staff at DynamicYYC are athletes. Yourself included. Would you say that being athletes and living that lifestyle better allows you to help other athletes with their rehab and recovery?

I wouldn’t consider myself an athlete, I'm just active. I think that understanding what patients are going through in terms of their goals, the movements, and their lifestyle really plays into making a connection between therapist and patient. One of the biggest things we hear is that people have been told by their previous therapist to stop doing things—deadlifting, squatting, running…it seems like everything. Our patients appreciate us because we live the same grind as they do. We want you to keep doing the things you love to do. Personally I would hate to stop weightlifting, and I would especially hate hearing to stop from my doctor.

Colby Leong. Dynamic YYC. Chiropractor. Men's Sweat Society Activewear Colby Leong. Dynamic YYC. Chiropractor. Men's Sweat Society Activewear
Left - Top: The Tony Bamboo Tee // Bottom: Agility Pant - Steel; Right - Top: The Hayden Bamboo Tee // Bottom: Arlo short - Black

Who inspires you?

The people around me, no question. My wife Rehanna not only inspires me with her level of intelligence, success, and her work ethic, but she somehow does it with a unwavering, caring moral compass. Her attention to detail and her intuitive creative mind makes for a powerhouse as a business owner and designer

My right and left hands in business, Dr Raymond (Clinic Director) and Blair Williams (Massage Director). They are brilliant and revolutionary in their respective fields. Their understanding of mechanics and manual therapy is unparalleled. They’re constantly creating and refining their craft, bringing the quality of our work to a higher standard. They inspire me constantly.

What are your goals this year? Personal, Work, Growth, etc.

For Dynamic I always want growth—constant growth. We are looking at new locations and new practitioners to add to the team. A flagship location is in the works and we are really excited for that to come to fruition.

Personally, I want to be able to detach from work. Traveling has recently been added to the bucket list so we will see where flight deals take me next year.

Colby Leong. Dynamic YYC. Chiropractor. Men's Sweat Society Activewear

Top: The Hayden Bamboo Tee // Bottom: Arlo short - Black

What can people expect from an appointment with you or your team?

Education. Manual therapy (joint and soft tissue) and rehab/prehab. I think without all of these aspects of care you are NOT getting the best care. Be prepared to put in work, it's a give and take situation between patient and therapist. You can’t create change without putting in the work.

How/where can we find you and book an appointment?

We’re everywhere! Eight locations scattered throughout the city and you can book with us through our website www.dynamicyyc.com or through Jane app at Dynamicyyc.janeapp.com

 Colby Leong. Dynamic YYC. Chiropractor. Men's Sweat Society Activewear

Top: Men's Canada Tee // Bottom: Agility Pant - Steel

Photographer: Mikey Stevenson
Location: Frontier Performance