Hattie Kanyo | CrossFit Athlete

April 23 2019

Hattie Kanyo Sweat Society CrossFit

Hattie Kanyo Sweat Society CrossFit

Meet Hattie Kanyo. She is one strong, bad ass woman and we are so lucky to have her on our team! Hattie is the newest member of the Sweat Society athlete family.  As a competitive CrossFit Athlete, she tells us all about how she got into the sport, what it's like to compete, and her advice for other women on staying healthy and balanced. Check out her interview below, and make sure you give her a follow to see what she's up to!

Hatti Kanyo CrossFit Sweat Society

Top - Dharma Bums Noughts and Crosses Bra // Leggings - Dharma Bums Shine Legging

How did you first get into CrossFit? When did you first start competing?

When I first heard about CrossFit I was in college taking my Exercise Science Diploma. I did not agree with CrossFit and the typical stereotypes of everyone getting hurt. After graduating, my professor tried to get me to join and told me it would be a perfect fit for me; I didn't listen for 3 years. Finally in 2017 I decided to give it a try. Soon after starting I fell in love and started doing two-a-days because I wanted to compete. It was probably less than 6 months that I started competing in the sport and have never looked back.

What was your first impression of the sport?

In the beginning of hearing about the sport I did not agree with it. I didn't know enough about it and listened to others saying how everyone in the sport gets hurt. After trying it though, I fell in love. I soon learned the importance of functional fitness and my mind completely changed. Listening and taking care of my body, doing my mobility and stretching and taking all the necessary steps to having a healthy body are what I do to ensure that I don't get hurt. It's simple. Love and be good to your body and it will love and be good to you. :)

Hattie Kanyo CrossFit Sweat Society

Top - Tonic Halequin Bra // Pants - Tonic Jasper Pant

What made you fall in love with it? How has it changed your life?

 The competitive side and the diversity of the sport is what made me fall in love with it. Growing up I played every sport under the sun but after highschool I was lost and ended up falling into an unhealthy, unhappy lifestyle. Once I found fitness though, even before CrossFit, my life was changed forever. CrossFit has helped me in so many ways. It is constantly varied, which keeps it interesting. It helps me fuel my fire with competitions. I have also made a career out of it by coaching.

What is the most rewarding aspect of CrossFit and competing in Crossfit? Most Challenging?

The most rewarding part of CrossFit and competing would have to be seeing where I can take my body. It might not be for everyone but I can go to a place where my mind is clear and I am just doing and moving and feeling free. The most challenging part I would have to say is not doing my best, or having those off days. Maybe I am not moving as well as I know I can. BUT, that is all part of the process and the more I work on my mindset the easier that has become for me to embrace it.

Hattie Kanyo Sweat Society CrossFit Hattie Kanyo Sweat Society CrossFit

Left: Top - Sweat Society Hannah Hooded Crop // Leggings - Dharma Bums Savannah
Right: Top - Good HYOUman The Anya // Leggings - Dharma Bums Shine

What is your best advice for women for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

WOMEN! You are beautiful, amazing and STRONG. Inside and out. I read something funny that talked about our minds and how they are like a browser with 2879 tabs open, all the time! And it's true, but, we must embrace those tabs. Each of them are there for a reason. Encourage each other and stay strong.

Muscle is beautiful. Being strong is beautiful. Staying balanced is beautiful and tough. We can be so hard on ourselves for the silliest things. So embrace your flaws, your mindset, your words, your muscle, your everything.  <3

Hattie Kanyo CrossFit Sweat Society Hattie Kanyo CrossFit Sweat Society

Top - Daub + Design Savannah Crop // Leggings - Daub + Design Signature Legging

Who inspires you?

Honestly, so many people inspire me, even strangers. People who work hard. Women who encourage women. My father for being the hardest worker I have ever met. My mother for being so strong and loved by everyone she meets. My boyfriend for being such a positive influence. My roommate for owning a gym, loving what she does and working so hard at it. Sweat Society for being a couple of amazing, hard working, beautiful ladies. And for all of the strangers who have made a positive impact in my life, and even the negative ones too. That is what has shaped me into the person I am today.

Hattie Kanyo Sweat Society CrossFit

Top - Dharma Bums Crop Tee // Leggings - Dharma Bums Savannah 

What are your goals this year? Personal, Work Growth, etc.?

The biggest goal I have this year is to have more uncomfortable conversations. I know communication is the most important key to any relationship and is something I have struggled with for a long time. With this goal I want to achieve a better mindset and know it has been helping. A few fitness goals I have are to be more aware of my body and what it needs, a 300lb deadlift, which I hit recently, and a 180lb snatch.

How can people find you & follow along?

Instagram: hatekayfit

Hattie Kanyo Sweat Society CrossFit Hattie Kanyo Sweat Society CrossFit

Left: Top - Tonic Halequin Bra // Pants - Tonic Jasper Pant
ight: Top - Dharma Bums Criss Cross Bra // Leggings - Dharma Bums Making Waves

Location: Bedrock CrossFit
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