Madison Fai

March 01 2017

Madison Fai

Madison Fai

Calgary is full of motivational and powerful fitness instructors. We want to share their stories and inspiration with you in our new Instructor Series where we will feature a different YYC instructor every month.

Even if you’re cursing her for the full 45 minutes of her Lagree class, you can’t help but love Madison Fai after. She embodies the energy and passion she brings to her teaching in her everyday life and it’s contagious to everyone around her. Madison's constant encouragement and fun attitude is what makes her such a great instructor when she's teaching Lagree and Barre. After one of her killer classes, we sat down with Madison to find out where she finds her inspiration, how she maintains a healthy lifestyle and what lessons she’s learned along the way.

Can you describe your first experience with Lagree? What was it like?

My first experience with Lagree was actually terrible! I was in so much pain- I was so confused and had no idea what I was doing. I was by no means a fitness newbie, I had come from an athletic background. However, the Lagree method is so completely different than anything else out there, it definitely takes some getting used to. But that’s the beauty of it, you become familiar with the moves but you are always challenged!

What made you fall in love with Lagree?

The results. The “proof is in the pudding” so to speak. I’m no bikini model, nor do I want to be; however, I have gained so much strength and muscular endurance from the Lagree Method.

Who inspires you? 

As cheesy as it may sound, my clients inspire me for so many different reasons. I’m inspired by those who are injured but come to workout and modify; by the moms who have kids and harrowing “to-do” lists, yet still find time to make health a priority and lead by example to their children. I’ve met so many amazing people from so many different walks of life. I’ve seen people crush their goals and see themselves in a whole new light. Those who show up day after day and get uncomfortable in order to take themselves to the next level? They inspire me.

Where/when did you take your teacher training?

I think a lot of what I base my fitness instructing on, I learned in the classroom. The actual classroom, as a teacher - however I was lucky enough to take my Lagree training in Calgary from a Lagree Master Trainer flown in by the Lagree studio owners. 

What was the biggest take-away from that?

I think any teacher training offers more than just showing its participants the method or the moves. You develop camaraderie with your fellow instructors and come to understand the why behind what you are teaching at such a deep level. When you know your “why”- teaching just seems to fall into place. 

What can students expect when they come to your class?

I hope they can expect to have fun and laugh. Fitness doesn’t have to be serious. We can have goals and achieve them while having fun. In fact, I think it’s probably much easier to achieve goals if you ARE having fun.

What has been the most rewarding part of being an instructor? Most challenging?

The most rewarding part of being an instructor is seeing people show up, whether it be for the first time or the millionth time. Nothing makes my heart sing like a full room. The most challenging part would be to learn how to make my off time truly restorative. Because I am around people often and want to always be a source of positive energy, when I am not working I really have to be selfish about recharging so I can continue to be a source of energy and positivity for others.

What is your best advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

My best advice is to not take things so seriously. I used to take food and fitness incredibly seriously and this led to an extremely low point in my life. I feel that, especially as women, we let numbers define us, therefore I’ve stopped using them as a growth tracking method. Instead I check in with how I’m feeling; am I tired? Am I having fun? Am I energized? What makes me feel these things… then I try to adjust accordingly.

What are your goals this year? Personal, Work, Growth etc.

I try not to make yearly goals because the Type A/OCD in me gets extremely disappointed if they don’t pan out. Instead I try to set daily or weekly goals; did I encourage someone today? Did I try to ensure everyone who I came into contact with felt as if they mattered to me? How can I make the next 45 minutes or hour be the best part of someone’s day?

I don’t always crush the above daily/weekly goals but I try to stay cognizant of them!

Favourite Lagree pose?

Any ab move. Oh! The ab moves! I could sing their praises forever. Nothing will get your core like Lagree. Nothing.

Where can we find you? Studios, times, etc.

I’m at Lagree Signal Hill on Tuesdays 4:30/5:30, Britannia on Wednesdays at 2 and Saturdays at 3 and 4:30.

I also teach Warm Barre/Cardio Barre and Barre Pilates six days a week at Hot Yoga on Crowfoot and Hot Yoga at 17th!

I’d love to see you at ALL of the above!


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Location Lagree YYC