Nadia Yangui

February 01 2017

Nadia Yangui

Nadia Yangui

February 1st, 2017

Sweat Society was founded on self-love and a passion for movement. We are obsessed with the growing community of like-minded people who are finding energy through living a healthy, grounded life and sharing it with the people around them. Crossfitter and Olympic Weightlifter Nadia Yangui embodies our values and is an impactful and inspiring role model with her killer strength and positive outlook on life. We sat down with Nadia to chat about how she got involved in Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting, her goals and how she stays motivated. 

How did you get involved in Crossfit & Olympic Weightlifting?

I have always been an athlete, in figure skating and track & field. When I quit competing in both I was spending my time at a globo gym searching for something to make me “fit.” Curtis spotted me doing my thing on the stair master and told me to start this crazy thing called Crossfit. I haven’t looked back since! Through Crossfit I began working with a weightlifting coach to improve my technique and strength, eventually I started competing and fell in love with Olympic weightlifting. 

What was your first impression of the sport?

Well I thought I was fit until I started Crossfit. I thought, this is going to make me into something I never thought I could be. I was hooked.

What made you fall in love with it?

It exposes your weaknesses, high lights your strengths, and challenges you beyond measure. I have learned a lot about myself within the sport. I am in love with the process and every opportunity that has come my way.

Tell us about the importance of Community in Crossfit & what this means to you.

The Crossfit community is so powerful. The support from our members, coaches, and athletes that we have for each other is special to me because it does not matter what walk of life you come from, we are all a part of this community to watch each other succeed. I feel lucky to have my Crossfit Community.

What is the most rewarding aspect to you? Most challenging?

The most rewarding aspect of both Crossfit and weightlifting is when your hard work pays off. Simple as that. Hours are put into training, diet, positive self-talk. You are not always going to see progress; I often doubt my abilities and strength. When everything comes together it is then that I realize it was all part of the learning, building and growing. It is challenging when you don’t always see the steps forward you are making. But so worth it in the end.

What keeps you motivated to workout?

It is FUN! Training has always been fun for me. The day that I’m not in love with the process is the day I will quit. I am motivated by my training partners, my supportive community, and the adrenaline of a good training session. 

What is your best advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

My best advice is to do something you enjoy with a community you love. It does not have to be high intensity training 5 hours a day to be effective. Find something that gets you out of your comfort zone once a day! 

What are your goals as an athlete?

My number 1 goal has always been to inspire others. As cheesy as that sounds. I love to make a positive difference in someone’s life by inspiring them to be something they never imagined. I have some big personal goals for 2017! I can’t wait to live them out.

Any tips for people on where to start or how to get involved?

Find a friend, walk into a Crossfit box, feel the energy, try a class! Friends keep you accountable. If you come alone, there is sure to be someone to welcome you with a high five! Fundamentals class is offered once a month at Crossfit Above All, where you learn all the foundational movements of Crossfit. Try it out, take my word for it, it is life changing.

- xx

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