Tammara Francis

June 01 2017

Tammara Francis

Tammara Francis

A few words that would describe Tammara Francis are: fierce, passionate and dedicated. The hard work and energy she brings to her classes, projects and everyday life is contagious and you can’t walk away from her without feeling empowered to follow your dreams. Tammara is involved in all things fitness in Calgary, whether it’s teaching at UNDRCARD, leading the November Project and Outsiders Run Club or pushing through an X Warrior Challenge; she’s the woman that will push you to your limits while keeping it light and fun.

As part of our Instructor Series, we sat down with Tammara to talk about how she got involved in boxing, what inspires her and what goals she has set for herself.   

Can you describe your first experience with boxing? What was it like?

I’m a long-distance runner and two years ago, I broke my foot; six fractures left me in a position I had to take time off running, pulling out of the New York City Marathon, and Sea Wheeze - I had to find other ways to train my body. I’m a Lululemon ambassador and it was actually some of the Lemons at Chinook that encouraged me to try a boxing session. I went one time and was hooked. Literally, went from 2-3/week to training 6 days a week, and wanting to take my first fight.

What was it about boxing that got you hooked?

There is a feeling of self-empowerment, and exhaustion in a different way that leaves you wanting more.

Where do you pull your inspiration from?

I’m a fitness enthusiast. I run ultra’s - pushing my body to limits that are indescribable. I’ve been called crazy when I do five workouts a day or run crazy long distances. I try to find my limit in things I do and once I find it, I like to push past it. The other side of it is the ability to inspire and motivate others, leading to show them what’s possible when you just try. Lastly, I lost my mom at a young age to stomach cancer, and at that young age, I vowed to live a healthy active lifestyle.

Where/when did you take your training? 

I started boxing two years ago fully engulfing myself in the training and the conditioning outside of my training sessions. I now train with Jared Velasquez at UNDRCARD Boxing Studio.

What was the biggest takeaway from that?

Learning your coach is your most valuable tool; to listen to them, not just hear, but listen. Jared is a great boxer himself – I know his accomplishments and the way he boxes. I am lucky to be able to learn from him and have him in my corner when I fight.

What can students expect when they come to your classes?

My classes will challenge you, push you, and get you results. Mostly, I am quirky AF, so I add silliness to my classes while moving. I take the time to really watch how you are moving - I will adjust and give you pointers in class, and after class, I will take the time to show you one on one. I’ve been told I smile a lot, and have this ‘voice’ that you don’t hear when I’m off the mic – I guess you’ll have to come to experience that one ;)

What has been the most rewarding part of being an instructor? Most challenging?

The most rewarding is watching the change in people; seeing them smile and get excited to take the class. Watching them evolve from beginners to advanced and all the in between. Connection is also huge. We don’t talk enough face to face with people. Being an instructor I get to shake hands, hug, and high-five so many new faces.

The most challenging is not being able to do it enough. I feel like I could teach even more than I do. I get the opportunity to be part of someone’s journey of bettering themselves, and finding their badassery - yes please, give me all the classes all day.

What is your best advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

“Just do it.” The moment you start to waver is the moment you start to give up. Sometimes it’s hard - your tired and feel like you should take that time off, but once you start giving yourself that permission it can be a slippery slope. So, don’t give into that negative self-talk, hold on to your goals and what you're striving for, and that feeling - that ‘good’ feeling you get overtime - you show up and crush a workout.

What are your goals this year? Personal, Work, Growth etc.

My goals this year are to crush some races, however with a very recent injury (Stress Fracture, and some foot mysteries) I may be off running, which isn’t such a bad thing, I will be taking my fight this year, and this will allow me to put all of my energy into that. I also want to get my business One Unit Corp. up in full gears. As of right now, we are starting with some unique offerings for Corporate wellness, individual coaching and personal training. In terms of growth, I would like to take more courses to make sure I am up to date on all things health and fitness, as well put more emphasis on my nutrition and strength training until my injury is healed.

Where & when can we check out your classes?

Undrcard specifically my regular class schedule is Tues 4:30, Thur 5:30, Fri 6:15 AM, and Sunday 10:30 AM, I do sub a lot and you can find those classes on Mindbody, www.undrcard.com website, as well as my personal IG @tamfran123.

For my boot camps, you can follow @oneunitco or www.oneunit.ca. For the other fun fitness crews I lead around the city you can check @nov_projectyyc, @theoutsidersrunclub & @xwarriorchallenge. November Project is a global fitness movement, literally all over the world, and I was fortunate to start to Calgary Chapter. We meet

November Project is a global fitness movement, literally all over the world, and I was fortunate to start to Calgary Chapter. We meet 6:13 AM Monday and Wednesday; Monday we move around different parks around the city, and Wednesday we are at the Memorial stairs. Outsiders Run Club is every Tuesday in East Village at

Outsiders Run Club is every Tuesday in East Village at 6:30 PM. X Warrior Challenge boot camps are every Saturday morning (times may vary depending on location, but generally 9 AM).

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Photos by Kolby @ Simply Modern Marketing
Location: UNDRCARD Boxing Studio