Tara Butterwick | Top Knot Mommy

August 16 2018

Tara Butterwick | Top Knot Mommy

Tara Butterwick | Top Knot Mommy

Meet Tara! You may know her as Top Knot Mommy. This inspiring local YYC mom is motivating other women through all stages of motherhood to live their best life.

With a focus on positive healthy living, she works to unite women through fitness.  Be sure to check out her blog. And don't miss her at upcoming retreats, workshops and local events!


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Can you tell us how you first got into the fitness industry?

I always had a love for fitness and movement. I was a competitive gymnast for awhile and then went on to love volleyball and field hockey. While working in my advertising job I had a lingering for helping others and wanting to make a positive difference. It was a natural progression to get certified and to start my own business. Every time I teach a class or do a one on one I instantly know why I love this industry. It's about helping others become the best version of themselves and I am grateful to be a part of that process.

Tell us how Top Knot Mommy got started!?

After I had my first baby I started to realize that there was a huge void in positive conversations about motherhood, fitness, healthy living, mental health and self love. In fact it felt like nobody was talking about it at all. The constant concept of negative "get your body back" messaging was something I knew I needed to stand up against. Over four years ago I came up with the brand name while running and I knew it was perfect. I focus on uniting women (and their babes!) for workouts, ‘Time Out’ events, retreats (coming soon!) and giving back to the local community through ‘Babes for Better’ initiatives. It's become a lifestyle brand, a unity of women and the focus is always on positive healthy living.

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What has been the most rewarding part of being a trainer & motivator? Most challenging?

The most rewarding part about being a trainer is helping others. Seeing them find inner strength, to believe in themselves and to switch to a positive state of living. The mind shift happens and in motherhood it is NEEDED. Whether its a small or a large transformation it truly is something that fills me up and brings me so much pride.

The hardest part about being in this business is I want to help more and more people and I haven't fully found out how I can keep the connection with clients while scaling the business to help more people. But I know I will get there and I can't wait.

Top Knot Mommy YYC Fitness Sweat SocietyTop Knot Mommy YYC Fitness Sweat Society
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We also know that you are a mama to two kids! What is your best advice for other women and mothers for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

The best piece of advice I can give women is to start where you are. Whether thats walking daily, slowing adding in strength exercises, getting back to similar pre-pregnancy exercise you NEED to start. But don't start to smash your self. Start to feel good, to energize your mind and to fall in love with fitness. The biggest thing in healthy living is a state of mind, its a lifestyle and an amazing form of self care. When you give your ALL to your children (they will always get what they need lets be real!) we sometime forget about ourselves. It is important to get moving for your mind and for how it makes you feel. We need to ensure we nourish our bodies and get times to fill up our cups. So start where you are. Start today.

Who inspires you?

I have a few inspirations. Within the industry Rachel Doell of Daily Routine Fitness has been one for many years. She is a fierce mama of 3 and an amazing fitness trainer in Vancouver. When I was wondering how I could have a family and maintain this fitness business lifestyle I have often looked at her for inspiration. I love healthy living but it's not a "traditional" job. So I am thankful to be able to get inspiration from her to keep going, to push for what I want and to continue to help others. Also my mom inspires me to think outside the box and make my dreams happen. After having kids myself you get a new inspiration as to how much they loved you, the community they built for you and all of the hard work it takes to reach your goals.

What are your goals this year? Personal, Work, Growth etc.

I have some BIG goals this year for work. Go big or go home right? I have launched my 'Babes for Better' initiative to help raise funds for the calgary NICU's, I will be offering more Babes with Babes classes (bring your littles!), taking the blog to a new level and collaborating with more incredible brands, educating women on the need for safer beauty, and inspiring thousands of women and mamas to get moving, to be fit, healthy and real. Personally, I am focusing on balance. To ensure I am slotting time in for me to fill up my cup, to practice what I preach and to enjoy my little babies. I want to continue to show them that happiness is a choice. That we GET to live everyday to the fullest and thats what we set out to do (with a few meltdowns here or there #truth haha)

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What is your favourite 15-20 minute workout as a busy mom?

SO the truth is 15-20 minute workouts ARE a moms best/most realistic workout. Typically time is hard pressed and we are busy running from one thing to another, cleaning up messes and trying to remember where the kids sippy cups ended up (#butwherearethey). So my best workout is 5 exercises (squats, hill climbers, squat pulses, pushups, high knees) and do 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off of each and repeat all 3-4 times. For fun write down your reps in the 30 seconds and then try to meet it or beat it each set. Its quick, easy, sweaty, hits all the major muscle groups and WILL bring you more energy to your day. Remember, start where you are. If thats 5 reps or 25 reps in 30 seconds you need to start where you are. And then with consistency you'll see your strength grow. Always listen to your body and focus on form. Switch up the exercises as you get more comfortable, blast the music and have fun!

Where can people find you?

Instagram: @TopKnotMommy

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