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Strongbody Apparel

"Choose To Be Better" 

Words to live by and Strongbody's Mantra. They want you to dig deep and push beyond your comfort zone. To practice decision-making that disrupts the status quo and impacts change. Strongbody is committed to creating and producing hi-tech, premium quality activewear.  All products are approved by the EPA proving that they are committed to protecting the environment. 

Why Sweat Society 's Strongbody - We wanted to give a little something to the guys out there, and we couldn't have been more happy with finding Strongbody. With beliefs in line with our own, Strongbody provides high performance Men's activewear that lasts. Something the men out there will not only feel good in, but feel good buying. Ethically made in Vancouver, BC, it just doesn't get any better.

Made in Vancouver, British Columbia 


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