Colin Girouard

September 11 2017

Colin Girouard

Colin Girouard

This month we decided to change things up a bit and feature someone on the other side of the fitness world; a massage therapist. Colin Girouard is our September feature from Dynamic YYC [Movement Lab]. Dynamic YYC is focused on evolving the rehabilitation process and taking measures of prevention rather than just reacting to injury. Having people heal, grow and find comfort is what Colin likes best about his job as a massage therapist.

We chatted with Colin about how he became involved with the industry and what his best advice is for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Can you describe your first experience with Massage Therapy? What was it like?

My first experience with massage was just a few years ago when a friend of mine who was a new graduate from a school in Vancouver helped me with an injury to my shoulder. From there it sparked an interest and a desire to know how and what exactly she did to decrease my pain and symptomologies. 

What made you fall in love with Massage Therapy?

I fell in love with the fact that with proper soft tissue manipulation and proper re-education of the individuals’ body we can a provide a great deal of benefit for those experiencing pain and discomfort. Releasing adhessed musculature is just one of the many pillars of physical rehabilitation but has a great deal of importance behind it. 

Who inspires you?

There is no secret behind this one. My boss and good friend Dr. Colby Leong inspires me daily with the amount of knowledge this man knows and is will to educate someone like myself is an amazing experience that is currently shaping the type of practice and therapist I aim to be. 

Where/when did you go to school for Massage Therapy?

Went to school at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. Enrolled into the expedited 18 month intensive program January of 2016. 

What was the biggest takeaway from that?

Through school, it showed discipline and drive to achieve a goal. It shows when you enjoy something and you strive to achieve that goal you can become as good as you'd like to be. 

What can patients expect when they book with you?

I'd like to hope patients will take away an enjoyable experience with me that has taught them something about their body mechanics and awareness with an educational manner. 

What has been the most rewarding part of being a massage therapist? Most challenging?

Most rewarding thing: seeing patients that have little hope or little expectations when they come in and when they leave you've made them do the double take in understanding that "wow" I do feel better. 

Most challenging: explaining to individuals that you must have patience and be adamant that with proper care and treatment I will get better. Patience is hard to instill into active individuals.  

What is your best advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your body moving?

Being active is a key for independence and longevity. This doesn’t mean working out at an extreme intensity for hours a day 5-6 times a week. Moving your body through activities you enjoy will prolong the effect of injury and sustain a better physical and emotional well-being. 

What are your goals this year? Personal, Work, Growth etc.

Personal goals are to become the best athlete that I can in Crossfit and achieving milestones that I have set for myself within the sport physically and mentally. 

Career: I want to see myself grow, learn, and evolve as the best practitioner I can be. This goal will be forever continuing. 

Where & when are you located and how can people book you?

Location: Victoria Park Crossfit Monday mornings 7-12 Wednesday all day 7-8 and Saturday mornings 8-12

Location: frontier performance Tuesday all day 7-8 Thursday mornings 7-12 and Sunday morning 8-12

Location: Crossfit bedrock Monday evenings 4-8 and Thursday morning 7-12

You can book online at 

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Photos by Kolby @ Simply Modern Marketing
Location: Dynamic YYC [Movement Lab]