Laura Jane | Inversion Coach

May 23 2019

Laura Jane | Inversion Coach

Laura Jane | Inversion Coach

Meet LJ! A self-taught inversion addict that not only learned life lessons along the way, but turned her passion into her career!  Like so many of us, we fall into ruts.  Read about Laura's journey into self-love and how teaching herself something she once thought as unattainable has shaped the woman she is today.

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How and when did you first get into practicing Inversions?

I first started practicing inversions after experiencing what I call my ‘quarter-life crisis’. I was 18 years old, my body was changing, and I needed to find a physical outlet – Not just for my physical health but also my mental health.

I started small with the goal of achieving a freestanding headstand tuck, falling repeatedly… Until about 2 months later I was able to hold it steady for several seconds. At this point, I was hooked!

What made you fall in love with it? How has it changed your life?

As soon as I was able to do my first headstand, I learned a life changing lesson; that I was capable of achieving things I previously thought were impossible.

So, I didn’t so much fall in love with inversions, but I fell in love with myself and the fact that I was capable of them. Self-love has become a very important part of my practice since that day. You can’t do something if you tell yourself you suck and its not possible, and that’s changed my life forever.

Laura Jane Handstand Yoga Sweat Society Activewear Canada

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Tell us why you decided to start offering online inversion coaching?

After having lots of conversations with people who were trying to teach themselves and running into many of the same issues I did, I knew I wanted to offer a way to coach people from the privacy of their own home.

Since taking on personal clients, I have been thrilled to be apart of so many individual breakthroughs and personal growth triumphs.

What is the most CHALLENGING aspect of coaching inversions?

Since my coaching is all online, the most challenging feeling for me is just wanting to be there in person to make hands-on adjustments.

Because of this, I am always trying to find the best way to explain information so that you can understand it clearly without me in the same room.

Laura Jane Handstand Yoga Sweat Society Activewear Canada

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What is your best advice for someone who wants to learn inversions and is just starting out?

My biggest piece of advice is to start with a headstand and make sure you understand everything from the grip of your hands, to the placement of your elbows and head. The first area where people go wrong is flying past these steps and just trying to get upside down at all cost.

Understand that inversions are a little complicated, and research will be required if you want to be successful.

I have lots of free tutorials on my YouTube channel for getting started!

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Who inspires you?

The #InversionAddictCommunity on Instagram is my number one inspiration. Seeing so many different people practicing this common love always reminds me of why I first fell in love with being upside-down. Besides this vibrant community, I have my own break-throughs that have motivated me to reach so many more, and I never plan to stop.

What are your goals this year? Personal, Work, Growth, etc.?

I am currently working on new ways in which I can help make my inversion coaching even more accessible to ANYONE to who wants to learn.

I can’t say anything more beyond that right now, but I’ll be announcing some exciting news in July related to this!

Laura Jane Handstand Yoga Sweat Society Activewear Canada

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How can people find you & follow along?

You can find me on my Instagram @TheInversionAddict – Don’t be afraid to shoot me a DM and say hi!

You can also find me on YouTube where I have lots of tutorials available.

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Laura Jane Handstand Yoga Sweat Society Activewear Canada

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