Our Brands

ALO Yoga

ALO Yoga has been making clothing in the US and internationally in a 100% no-sweatshop, humane, sustainable way since day one. With gold certification for responsible production by W.R.A.P., an independent group of social compliance experts (more about W.R.A.P.). Warehouses are lit by passive solar, and are totally paper free.

Why Sweat Society  ‘s  ALO Yoga -  "certified KIND". Treating people the way we want to be treated is our number 1, as is ALO's. Producing high quality, one of a kind pieces in a humane way will always win us over.


Anjali is a family owned company based out of New Jersey in the United States.  ALL of their clothing is made in the USA in either New York, or California. 

Why Sweat Society  ‘s Anjali – Recyclable Material, Made in the USA, Fabric is so soft it feels like you are wearing next to nothing, AntiMicrobial, and Quick Drying!  This collection will take you to the next level.

Made in the USA 

Daub + Design

Lexi Soukoreff, founder of Daub + Design, is constantly evolving her design to include solutions that are respectful to the environment.  Every pair is hand-dyed to create one-of-a-kind designs that reflect the West Coast.
Each pair is hand-dyed, and manufactured in Vancouver, BC. 

Every pair features a nylon/spandex blend durable enough to withstand any workout. Moisture wicking fabric allows you to stay cool in any environment, and face any level of activity that your day brings.

Why Sweat Society  ‘s Daub + Design – Other then being made in our homeland? These leggings are EXTREMELY soft and luxurious. Oh, and you can never go wrong with tie-dye!

Made in Vancouver, British Columbia 

Dharma Bums

Dharma Bums was born to create a brand that did not participate in unfair treatment of others, and to give people the choice to shop more consciously.  They are based in Sydney, Australia and all Dharma Bums clothing is designed, printed and made in their hometown.  No harsh chemicals or animal products are used in the dying of garments.

Their Leggings have 4-way stretch to allow them to move with you.  Moisture wicking, breathable, and quick drying make them a top choice for those of us always on the go.

Why Sweat Society 's Dharma Bums – Ethically, and locally made with both the environment and the human race in mind.  We love what they stand for and are so happy to be able to represent such an amazing brand.

Made in Australia 

Emily HSU Designs

Emily Hsu has designed her collection to be high performance, flattering, and stylish.  As a dancer, singer, and actress who loves to do yoga, she knows how important it is to have high quality activewear.  Her entire collection is hand made in the United States.

Why Sweat Society 's Emily Hsu Designs - Emily believes that when you work hard every day doing what inspires you, you deserve to look and feel your very best. And we couldn't agree more.  Oh, and her "Not so Basic Black" collection available at Sweat Society is to die for ;) ...

Made in the USA 

Free Label

Free Label is dedicated to making great basics, but not at the cost of the environment and human rights. With a promise to make all of garments ethically, Free Label is made in small batches so there is no waste. They use renewable and eco-friendly resources such as bamboo and organic cotton. 

Made in Canada 

Good HYOUman

Made from the softest fabrics, Good HYOUman brings comfort to a whole new level.  With multiple silhouettes to choose from, there is something for everything.  Born out of the love for this father, Good HYOUman was created to remind us to do just that... be good humans

Made in the USA 

Inner Fire

“We create yoga apparel that honours our mother earth. Our leggings are locally made from recycled water bottles and are BPA free.  Our garments are sweatshop-free and are made in North America, and shirts are handprinted with love”

‘nuff said! Inner fire, Sweat Society 's you!

Made in Canada! In Vancouver, BC.  Made from Recycled Bottles, and eco-friendly inks. Their antimicrobial material is made from shellfish!  Shellfish allergies? No worries! Shellfish allergies come from the proteins, and no proteins are contained in this Chitosante!  Also, no shellfish are harmed in the process.  Inner Fire uses shells recycled from the Food industry – this is their best way of avoiding harsh chemicals.

Why Sweat Society 's Inner Fire – Did you not just read that!? If there is anything we love more than our forests and land, it is our oceans.  Anything we can do to keep plastic out of the ocean, which includes buying clothes made with that very plastic, we will be first in line!

Made in Vancouver, British Columbia 

Maaji Active

Maaji active has proven to be one of our top quality brands. High waisted, compression fit, and many with reversible options.  We can't say enough good things about this one.

Made in Colombia.

Muladhara Yoga Wear

Made in Canada! Hand sewn activewear made in Calgary, AB. Comfortable, functional and vibrant fitness apparel. Muladhara takes all body types and heights into account when crafting their unique pieces from high-quality sustainable materials.

Why Sweat Society  ‘s  Muladhara - We love supporting local, so when we had a chance to support a local brand made right in our hometown, how could we say no? Muladhara leggings are just the right amount of thickness to help you feel secured but allow so much freedom of movement. Combined with the softest of fabrics, you won't ever want to wear another pair of leggings. The extreme high waist just adds an extra bonus to the best athletic wear you could ever dream of.

Made in Calgary, AB 

Nimble Activewear

100% Made in Australia. Cutting edge fabric for an outstanding compression legging, never see-through. 100% organic cotton tops for the softest feel. The perfect addition to your activewear collection.

Made in Australia 


NoMiNoU brings our Canadian heritage to life.  Working with local native artists, NoMiNoU give a portion of sales back to the them.  High waisted, and made from recycled plastic bottles, this Canadian brands is definitely one of our favourites.

Made in Vancouver, British Columbia 


Onzie is active apparel that is functional, flexible and flattering. These no-frills separates are best worn while sweating, swimming, or simply lounging around. In keeping with the principle of being inclusive, rather than exclusive, Onzie is affordably-priced and suitable for all activities and practices.
Made with love in southern California 

Pura Vida

Simple, elegant string bracelets hand woven in Costa Rica. Purchasing Pura Vida bracelets helps provide fair-wage jobs for local Costa Ricans. Pura Vida is also partnered with 190 charities worldwide and a proud standing member of 1% For the Planet donating 1% of their net revenue to environmental organizations worldwide.

Why Sweat Society 's Pura Vida - It's an awesome feeling knowing that you are making a difference with a single purchase.  Pura Vida's fundraising initiative is one that we can only hope other companies will follow. Giving back not only to the people, but to our Mother Earth. It also doesn't hurt that these simple and unique handwoven bracelets add such a statement to any wrist. 

Smash & Tess

Founded by a mother-daughter team in Vancouver, BC, Smash + Tess takes comfort to a whole new level.  These bamboo rompers offer function and fashion. The only loungewear piece you'll ever need.

Made in Canada 


Leggings made from water bottles, giving them purpose again through an eco-friendly process. They support you with your active lifestyle and adventures; yoga, gym, workout, surf, sports, dance, flow and constantly moving forward with your body, mind, and spirit.

Made in the USA 

Tonic Active

Tonic Active is thoughtfully designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada using environmentally responsible practices. They prioritize the importance of supporting the local economy while maintaining superior quality. Tonic is committed to quality eco-fashion, and assuring cleaner, healthier materials against your skin and in our environment. Operating with a simple mantra of making strong active collections, using high-grade fabrics and sustainable practices in Vancouver, Canada. The collections are designed smart with a woman’s figure and active lifestyle in mind, perfecting the best fit for your curves.

Made in Canada 

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