Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We want to build a community that promotes self-love.

To be truly fulfilled in life, we first need to be fulfilled with ourselves. We need to search for the respect and love we desire from others, first from ourselves.  To open our hearts and not pass judgment on others, we first need to open our hearts and stop passing judgment on ourselves.

We all have to face the world at some point in our day and being happy with who we are includes  facing whatever that world looks like to you.  We need to be comfortable in our own skin.  We need to know that we not only look remarkable, we ARE remarkable.

Everyone is on their own journey and we want to be there every step of the way.  Whether it be surrendering your whole self to your mat, hitting a new PR, or taking the first step on the long path to truly loving who YOU are.  We want to block out the naysayers and the debbie-downers.  We want to not only help you be comfortable in your own skin, but help you realize you are beautiful, on the inside and out. We want you to know that you CAN do it, and you ARE worth it.

Our Brands

Feeling good about a purchase is no longer just about how something looks, or about how much money you saved.  There is an increasing level of awareness that goes hand in hand with consumerism today. Where was this made? Who had to suffer at the expense of my well-being?  How harmful is this to the environment? 

We are as devoted to this earth as much as you are.  That includes the people that walk beside us, the fish that swim below us, and the trees that grew before us.  This is why we are committed to providing our customers with brands that are made with these ethics in mind.  We want our customers to have peace of mind, and one less thing to worry about when purchasing from Sweat Society.    We want you to feel amazing, not only physically, but mentally, and emotionally. 

All of the brands we carry are sweatshop free, and many are made with recycled materials. 

Join our Sweat Society; we welcome you with open arms, and open hearts. Embark on your own journey of self-love, and reduce that carbon footprint while you are at it.

Let’s get motivated to move, together!