We Are Open!!

June 01 2015

June 1; a wonderful day in YYC, reminding us all that patio season has arrived in our city, as has a new, ethically endorsed, fitness apparel venture.

Sweat Society is now open!


Who are we?

With an increasing focus on our health, our thoughts often go to nutrition: what we put IN our bodies. Not nearly as much thought goes towards what we put ON our bodies.  All of the brands Sweat Society carries are sweatshop-free; the majority are made locally, and some are even made from recycled materials. Read more about our brands here.

My name is Stephanie Nichols, and one of the reasons I created Sweat Society was because I am tired of the decrease in quality (and lack thereof) of the fitness apparel available in Calgary.

But the MAIN reason I created Sweat Society is because I want to create a community that promotes self-love.

What is self-love exactly?  These days people strive for an unrealistic ideal called "perfection".  A goal that never ends; once we think we are close to reaching it, it seems no longer good enough. What exactly is "perfection"?  How do YOU define "perfect"?  Every person will have a different definition, but all will share one common denominator: something you are NOT.  But guess what...  who you are RIGHT NOW, in this very moment, IS perfect.  YOU are perfect.  And if you don't think I am talking to you, I am. You are already perfect.  
And that is my definition of self-love.  Loving the person you already are, in your entirety.  Now I know this may seem like a bunch of BS, but it's not. I promise. Loving who you are on the inside and out, will bring you to that "perfect" goal.  

Our mission is to promote self-love, aid self-empowerment, and get people motivated to move. To take their first step, or the next step, of an ongoing journey of self-acceptance. Not perfection. Because you already are perfect.