Katie Blundell

March 20 2018

Katie Blundell

Katie Blundell

Meet Dr. Katie Blundell. The hardest working powerhouse we know!  Teaching HIIT at Movement U in YYC, running her own Chiropractor company - Kailo Health and Performance, and treating out of Kinetic Performance Center in SW Calgary, she's always on the go.

We were able to catch up with her and find out what fuels her passion for HIIT, why she decided to become a Chiropractor, and why doing what you love and staying aligned with your core values is so important to her.

Katie Blundell - Sweat Society Activewear - Chiropractor Calgary Canada

Katie Blundell - Sweat Society Activewear - Chiropractor Calgary Canada

Can you describe your first experience with HIIT?

I was first introduced to HIIT while at U of C for Kinesiology! Around that time, I was exposed to some research studies proving the efficiency of short bursts of high intensity with periods of low intensity/recovery. Being intrigued, I started creating my own workout plans in the gym relating to such structure. I saw notable effects and changes within months helping me strengthen my cardiovascular system (without needing to run all the time), increase my strength, and improve my soccer skills like sprinting and jumping up for headers! Being the size of a gnome, I need to be able to jump a lot higher than most to get the ball…

What are HIIT workouts like for you?

HIIT is a real butt kicker for me. Coming out of my HIIT workouts I feel a surge of power, a burst of strength with deep exhaustion, a huge feeling of growth and exhilaration with giving the “high intensity” times my all! I love the sweat, the pounding heart, the excitement each workout brings on!! And that is what keeps me coming back for more! THAT is what I want to share with others.

Katie Blundell - Sweat Society Activewear - Chiropractor Calgary Canada

Why do you love teaching HIIT?

I Just love it!! Nothing beats working hard, getting real sweaty and having fun while you're at it!! It has always brought me joy and excitement, so I want to share that with others… I love meeting new people and inspiring them to strive for their goals (no matter what they are) and helping them live their best life; I try to bring that same passion and inspiration in everything I do in my life! Teaching HIIT provides an environment to harness raw powerful energy and inner strength, and helping others discover that inner fire and greatness within themselves is absolutely amazing! 

HIIT allows me to be creative every class, help individuals with functional movements and correct any mechanical issues I observe so they can avoid future injuries! I love that no HIIT class is ever the same as with each class we can change the time of work/rest, change the exercises, we can have one weight focused circuit or a more cardio focused one… Regardless of what I choose to teach that day, it focuses on pushing you through your own personal limits and that is what I love. 

What can students expect when they come to your class? 

A high-energy, fun class pushing their physical and mental limitations to harness their inner strength through functional movements, inspirational words and some bumping jams! Basically, the tipping point between limits and achievement!

I know HIIT can come across a little intimidating to some people making them nervous to walk through the doors.  But I can assure you ANYONE is able to rock the class. With it being timed intervals, each individual is pushed to Their own level so it’s amazing for beginners as well as for the elite athlete!

Katie Blundell - Sweat Society Activewear - Chiropractor Calgary Canada

Katie Blundell - Sweat Society Activewear - Chiropractor Calgary Canada

What has been the most rewarding part of being an instructor? 

Seeing people walk out of the room uplifted, feeling accomplished with a fire ignited within them is unbelievably heart warming and exciting. I am beyond grateful that I have met so many amazing people through teaching who have touched my heart and have given me the opportunity to be part of their great transformations, whether mentally, emotionally and/or physically. I also get to work with a kickass team at Movement U who has become family and such a blessing! We definitely have a pretty fun group there 

Most challenging? 

I put a huge emphasis on proper movement and try to correct slash give proper cues to trigger the right form. Sometimes, with it being a group class and interval style, I don’t necessarily have the chance to explain to a person exactly how to correct a certain movement. I do however always try to hang around after class to go through any faulty movement patterns I may have seen so they are more aware going forward. 

Who inspires you? 

My dad! He’s amazing, has so much patience and compassion, works really hard, pushing daily for himself and us…and he’s a goof. I’m definitely a daddy’s girl. 

We also know you are an amazing Chiropractor! Tell us a bit about how you came to find Chiro as a career.

I actually dreamt of being a Vet since I was 4 years old… until grade 11 when I realized I would have to put animals down! I panicked and knew that was NOT my jam! 

Grade 12 hit and I had to make some decisions… Being incredibly active my whole life I’ve always loved and been fascinated by the whole health side of things. Looking into what intrigued me, I chose to take Kinesiology at U of C and worked as a personal trainer while playing for the Dinos womens’ soccer team!  

Following that, I ended up pretty sick for a couple years, eventually being diagnosed with Celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease due to gluten. Through that, I got to learn more and more about my body, and grew my passion for nutrition and holistic healing… In the midst of being diagnosed, I eventually ended up at a Chiropractor for a low back injury. Following the very first visit, I felt an ease in my digestive tract that I hadn’t felt in years! Of course that spiked my curiosity and I jumped into learning more about it! Realizing how much Chiropractic and becoming a doctor can help the World on a deeper level, I knew it was what I wanted to pursuit! 

I love helping others, and inspiring people to live their fullest! Becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic has helped me fulfill that and keep people moving and truly living!

What is your best advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Keep family and friends close, eat your greens but enjoy some treats, laugh, cry, play, love, breathe, move always and LIVE… as only YOU can!! And whatever you enjoy doing, do it! Rock it!! DO it for YOU!! And NEVER STOP!! It keeps you young, thriving and living your dreams!! Find some form of movement that you are passionate about… For some it’s HIIT, for others it’s yoga or running. No matter what it is, try to do it a couple times a week.

What are your goals this year? Personal, Work, Growth etc. 

To have my best year yet!! In all accounts.  I know that sounds cliche but, to be honest, I had a bit of a rough year last year; amazing things came out of it, but it was tougher than I had expected! So, I’ve committed to grounding myself and aligning with my authentic self more and more to experience my best year yet - emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, relationship and business-wise. I’m focusing on taking the time to do things that fuel my soul!

I started my own company last year so focusing hard on helping that grow and flourish to be able to reach more people while keeping true to our core values. We are hoping to partner with more companies to provide health directly to employees in their offices. We are also looking to provide more on-set treatments for the film/tv productions in Calgary.

My goal in the long run is to eventually become a life coach! I think it would be unreal to be able to inspire and empower in such a way. With that, I’m hoping to take some holistic nutrition and life coaching courses, so I can add to my medical background and have a full health combo to truly help people thrive.

Katie Blundell - Sweat Society Activewear - Chiropractor Calgary Canada

Katie Blundell - Sweat Society Activewear - Chiropractor Calgary Canada

Where can we find you? Clinic, Studios, times, etc. 

For workouts you can catch me at Movement U teaching HIIT classes:








Thursday @ 7am

Friday @ 7am

Sunday @ noon

Movement Recovery

Sunday @ 1pm


Chiro-wise, I excitingly started my own company last year, called Kailo Health and Performance! We focus on bringing on-site health services directly to companies and film sets in Calgary. Our passion is to conveniently help employers and their employees feel the best they can, so they can focus on their work, live their best life and have more time to do what they want! Basically, we understand it’s not always feasible to get away from the office for an appointment, especially in the fast-paced lives we live, and that’s why we focus on bringing these health services to you and your company. Our info for Kailo can be found at www.kailohealth.ca

If Kailo is not yet providing care at your workplace, there’s still the option of connecting with me in-clinic at Kinetic Performance Center in SW Calgary. I’m there Tues/Thurs afternoons from 3:30pm – 6:30 pm. More info on the clinic can be found at www.kineticperofmancenter.ca 

Katie Blundell - Sweat Society Activewear - Chiropractor Calgary Canada