Lex Drummond

July 08 2017

Lex Drummond

Lex Drummond

We are excited to introduce you to our July instructor feature Lex! Lex is a Crossfit trainer at TREC FIT LAB! TREC stands for Teamwork, Respect, Exceptional health and Continuous improvement and Lex Drummond embodies every single one of those values. You can't leave one of her classes without feeling empowered, stronger and wanting to come back again. Lex's strength and passion are contagious, in the gym and outside. You can find her coaching at TREC Fit Lab, reaching a new personal best and encouraging her clients to do the same. 

As part of our Instructor Series, we chatted with Lex about who inspires her and why she fell in love with Crossfit.

Can you describe your first experience with Crossfit? What was it like?

It was different than anything else I've done, coming from group fitness or the regular gym routine. Slightly intimidating and scary but exciting!

What made you fall in love with Crossfit?

It was always different and challenging. You would see people do something amazing and you would want to be able to do it and set goals to achieve it. 

Who inspires you?

Too many people to list. Anyone who is willing to try, push their limits and aren't afraid to fail. 

Where/when did you take your coaching certifications?

In 2012 at Calgary Reebok Crossfit. 

What was the biggest takeaway from that?

Knowing I've been given this large piece of knowledge to be able to share and experience with others who want to become better. 

What can people expect when they come to one of your classes?

I will push you to get out of your comfort zone and try things you haven't. 

What has been the most rewarding part of being a coach? Most challenging?

Watching the looks on people's faces when they achieve or overcome something they've been working on for so long and the community of people. Everyone brings something different to the gym. Not having enough time in one class to work on everything that everyone wants. Not enough time in a day. 

What is your best advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Find a routine that works for you! Eat healthy, get to the gym, set goals and crush them and love what you do.  

What are your goals this year? Personal, Work, Growth etc.

Compete in some Crossfit competitions, find weaknesses and work on them, work hard and never stop trying new things. 

Where & when can we check out your classes?

On the Trec Fit Lab schedule online or on the Wodify app!

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Photos by Kolby @ Simply Modern Marketing
Location: Trec Fit Lab