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Megan Merriam | Yoga Teacher

Megan Merriam | Yoga Teacher

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Sara Codd | Coach, Gym Owner, Athlete

Sara Codd | Coach, Gym Owner, Athlete

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  • Amber Pressley | Volunteer, Radiologic Technologist, Athlete

    Amber Pressley | Volunteer, Radiologic Technologist, Athlete

    Meet Amber!  When she's not hustlin' hard for Sweat Society, you can find her volunteering for Search and Rescue or lifting heavy things above her head.  Read how her career as a Medical Radiologic Technologist has taught her to value all that life has to offer and how CrossFit and Weightlifting have left a positive impact on her life. Top: Sweat...

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  • Laura Jane | Inversion Coach

    Laura Jane | Inversion Coach

    Meet LJ! A self-taught inversion addict that not only learned life lessons along the way, but turned her passion into her career!  Like so many of us, we fall into ruts.  Read about Laura's journey into self-love and how teaching herself something she once thought as unattainable has shaped the woman she is today. Top: Sweat Society Cassie Racerback Crop...

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  • Hattie Kanyo Sweat Society CrossFit

    Hattie Kanyo | CrossFit Athlete

    Meet Hattie Kanyo. She is one strong, bad ass woman and we are so lucky to have her on our team! Hattie is the newest member of the Sweat Society athlete family.  As a competitive CrossFit Athlete, she tells us all about how she got into the sport, what it's like to compete, and her advice for other women on...

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  • Jenna May - YYC pole and aerial dancer - Sweat Society

    Jenna May | Competitive Pole Dancer

    Meet Jenna May, our Sweatspiration this month! Jenna is a competitive pole dancer & pole instructor. This woman is seriously talented. She exudes confidence and passion when she dances. But she wasn't always an athlete - before pole she had only ever had an irregular yoga practice! Read her blog below to learn about how she got into pole dancing &...

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  • Caitlin Smith | Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

    Caitlin Smith | Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

     Meet Caity Smith. This girl seriously inspires us - as she took her passion for fitness and turned it into a full time career. She is a yoga teacher, spin teacher, a personal trainer & a motivator at Orange Theory. Oh yah - she is also the newest addition to the Sweat Society family. So you will likely see her...

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  • Rachel Antony | Almostffit

    Rachel Antony | Almostffit

    Meet this month's Sweat-spiration - Rachel Antony! Rachel is super active in the YYC fitness community. You may know her by her instagram handles, @almostffamous and @almostffit. She sat down with us to talk about what it means to be an influencer, how to balance fitness with everyday life and what she has learned by chatting with local entrepreneurs on...

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  • Colby Leong.  Dynamic YYC. Sweat Society. Fitness Calgary Chiropractor

    Dr. Colby Leong | Dynamic YYC

    Meet Colby Leong, Chiropractor and founder of DynamicYYC - [MOVEMENT LAB], and one of the smartest guys we know. Educating people about movement is one of Colby's passion, along with helping them reach their health goals. We sat down to talk to Dr. Colby Leong about why he started DynamicYYC, what is next for his team, and his love of Olympic...

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  • Hannah Kaminski YYC Weightlifting fitness nutritition coach

    Hannah Kaminski | Olympic Weightlifter

    We would like to introduce Hannah Jean Kaminski as the newest member of the Sweat Society family! Hannah has been inspiring us as a fierce weightlifting athlete and a nutrition coach for a couple of years now. We are so proud to sponsor and work with Hannah as she takes on her goals to represent Canada in the badass sport of...

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  • Luce Dunnebells  - Calgary Fitness Instructor - Sweat Society

    Lucy Dunne | Dunnebells

    Meet Lucy Dunne! This free spirited Aussie living in Calgary is an online personal trainer - empowering women to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She sat down with us this month to discuss losing 65 pounds, her struggle with an eating disorder and how she is using her own experiences to inspire and motivate others. She tells us why the...

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  • Tara Butterwick | Top Knot Mommy

    Tara Butterwick | Top Knot Mommy

    Meet Tara! You may know her as Top Knot Mommy. This inspiring local YYC mom is motivating other women through all stages of motherhood to live their best life. With a focus on positive healthy living, she works to unite women through fitness.  Be sure to check out her blog. And don't miss her at upcoming retreats, workshops and local events!...

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  • Stephanie Nichols | Owner/Founder of Sweat Society

    Stephanie Nichols | Owner/Founder of Sweat Society

    Sweat Society is now THREE years old! We are so excited and thankful for all of our friends, family and customers that are part of the Sweat Society family - you have truly made this dream into a reality.  For our June Sweatspiration we wanted to chat to the boss babe that had this little dream, rolled with it, and...

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  • Ashley Yip | Life Armour YYC

    Ashley Yip | Life Armour YYC

    For our May YYC Inspiration we sat down with Ashley Yip of Life Armour YYC. Ashley is a local business owner, an amazing mother and wife. Her husband Shane is Life Armour YYC's lead  instructor and coach. Ashley tells us how Life Armour YYC came to be, the importance of self-defense, and how she keeps up with the balance of...

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  • Magdalena Grabowska

    Magdalena Grabowska

    For our April YYC Sweatspiration, we caught up with Magdalena Grabowska.  Magda is a mother, a personal trainer, a nutrition consultant, an entrepreneur, AND competes in bodybuilding as a bikini competitor (She's headed off to Nationals in Laval Quebec on May 19!!).  Everyone has so much going on in their lives all the time, so we really wanted to know how...

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  • Katie Blundell

    Katie Blundell

    Meet Dr. Katie Blundell. The hardest working powerhouse we know!  Teaching HIIT at Movement U in YYC, running her own Chiropractor company - Kailo Health and Performance, and treating out of Kinetic Performance Center in SW Calgary, she's always on the go. We were able to catch up with her and find out what fuels her passion for HIIT, why she...

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  • Alberta Adventure Girls

    Alberta Adventure Girls

    If you're looking for what it means to be Albertan, the two chicas behind Alberta Adventure Girls are it. Their Instagram feed is a gorgeous collection of the Rockies and outdoor adventures and it gives us major FOMO. Erin and Amanda joined forces in 2015 to create a platform for women who want to adventure and connect with like-minded people. ...

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  • Laura Berg

    Laura Berg

    Our first instructor feature of the New Year is Laura Berg, a firecracker hippie from LA that has been sharing her contagious spirit with Calgary for the last few years. If you've ever been to her spin or yoga classes, you know Laura is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, grounding yourself and being aware of where your clothes are...

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  • Megan Protz

    Megan Protz

    We are excited to introduce you to our December instructor feature Megan Protz. Since her first experience with yoga when she was 12, Megan has grown to love and value the practice. She's found it has changed her perspective on how she views herself and the world and she's committed to sharing that knowledge with her students. When you leave her class...

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  • Ally & Jess

    Ally & Jess

    Ever wonder how our studios magically get restocked? Who receives all those orders or who that friendly face is at our pop-up shop? This month we are pleased to shine a light on two of our very own! We would like to introduce you to Ally and Jess this month!  Ally and Jess along with our founder Stephanie are the...

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  • Colin Girouard

    Colin Girouard

    This month we decided to change things up a bit and feature someone on the other side of the fitness world; a massage therapist. Colin Girouard is our September feature from Dynamic YYC [Movement Lab]. Dynamic YYC is focused on evolving the rehabilitation process and taking measures of prevention rather than just reacting to injury. Having people heal, grow and...

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  • Simone Stoltz

    Simone Stoltz

    A firecracker from South Africa, Simone Stoltz has always been deeply interested in the human body and how it moves. Her passion for pilates sparked after she moved to Canada in 2012, falling in love with pilates and the STOTT Method. She always enjoys a new challenge and likes to bring the same motivation to her classes. Whether she’s at...

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  • Lex Drummond

    Lex Drummond

    We are excited to introduce you to our July instructor feature Lex! Lex is a Crossfit trainer at TREC FIT LAB! TREC stands for Teamwork, Respect, Exceptional health and Continuous improvement and Lex Drummond embodies every single one of those values. You can't leave one of her classes without feeling empowered, stronger and wanting to come back again. Lex's strength...

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  • Tammara Francis

    Tammara Francis

    A few words that would describe Tammara Francis are: fierce, passionate and dedicated. The hard work and energy she brings to her classes, projects and everyday life is contagious and you can’t walk away from her without feeling empowered to follow your dreams. Tammara is involved in all things fitness in Calgary, whether it’s teaching at UNDRCARD, leading the November...

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  • Marlo Brausse

    Marlo Brausse

    Marlo Brausse, owner of Barre Body Studio, is a perfect role model for living an active, and down to earth life. A mother of three, she has her hands full at home but still brings her drive and passion to Barre Body. Barre, which was once considered a fitness trend, has now been fully integrated into Calgary’s fitness scene thanks...

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  • Jessica Ecclestone

    Jessica Ecclestone

    Believing in yourself can be the most challenging part of success, but the most rewarding if you can reach your dreams. Jess Ecclestone embodies the strength to push through the mental game and inspire others to do the same. Yoga has helped her push through her fears and grow into the person she is proud of. As part of our...

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